VQuarter Delivers Software for Vacation Rental Managers in 2017

Last year, VQuarter successfully launched an app to help holiday home owners manage their own properties. Since then we have continued to invest in research and development as our team has been working hard behind the scenes to create revolutionary software to aid vacation property managers and their businesses.In recent years the “Vacation Rentals” market has been growing fast and research conducted by popular travel websites suggests this will continue to grow over the next few years, as an increasing number of people are looking to spend their vacations in a vacation rental this year rather than a hotel.These bookings consist of holiday homes, apartments and private rooms which are likely to be booked using platforms like Airbnb, HomeAway and booking.com.Easy to use platforms mean more and more rentals are popping up daily all around the globe because people are wanting to reap the rewards of renting out their properties, which means whilst there’s more business, the market is also getting more and more competitive.VQuarter has been working on a solution to help these vacation rental managers adapt as they face massive changes over the coming years.

Challenges Facing Vacation Rental Managers

Everything and everybody is online these days which means ratings and reviews are becoming almost as important as personal referrals, therefore vacation rental managers must ensure they are providing the best service to each and every guest. So here are the top three issues facing vacation rental managers in the years to come:

  1. Handling property information is another issue for vacation rental managers because there is always so much paperwork that comes with each property. Which means there are folders and files that need to be found every time a new bill or invoice comes through.
  2. Managing maintenance work is a huge job for vacation rental managers and with an ever growing online presence, there are more eyes on holiday rentals than ever! Unfortunately, miscommunication still occurs way too often in this world, and in this industry the most common problem is that maintenance work isn’t carried out as it should be.The internet acts as a tool for customers to publically talk about their experience which can be detrimental for business if things don’t run smoothly on their holiday, so it’s more important than ever that maintenance tasks from cleaning services to electrical jobs are carried out properly and on time.
  3. Guests are wanting more from their stays, with the market becoming more competitive, properties are finding additional services to offer as a unique selling point for their properties to stand out from the crowd.The vacation home-away-from-home rental was originally sought for by those looking for cost savings or flexibility whilst on holiday and these guests were low maintenance. There has been a shift in recent years as guests seek additional services to enhance their holiday experience. From a bottle of bubbly on arrival, local recommendations right through to the concierge services you would expect in a hotel.This is a double edged sword for vacation rental managers, because a higher demand for more additional services means there’s the opportunity to increase revenue with each stay. But at the same time, this means each stay requires more work and organization.

VQuarter’s Solution

In June 2017, VQuarter brings you a brand new solution to help the holiday rental process run as smoothly as possible for both vacation rental managers and their guests. Therefore, the software consists of:

Web interfaced back office containing all property information for managers and the administration team:

Import/create property profilesIntegrate your channel managerLog all information concerning every propertyProperty manualsJob historyGuest historyGuest request

Crew application for both internal and outsourced workers working on maintaining the properties:

Connect your workers to your VQuarter crew applicationCreate worklists for your propertiesSchedule and dispatch jobsChat room for each task is createdSend directions and property information through the applicationMonitor progress and receive picture confirmation when the job has been completed

Guest application for unlimited users:

Synchronize the guest app with your bookingsFind out arrival timeProvide property information to guestLet guests order servicesCreate custom announcementsOffer local recommendations

Ultimately, we believe the guests experience falls on the vacation rental manager’s shoulders. The guest experience can only be enhanced as a result of the vacation rental managers’ and what they can offer, along with the efficient day-to-day running of the back office.

VQuarter is the smart and easy way to control properties. Interested in finding out more? Our friendly team are here to help so don’t hesitate to contacts us.

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