Maintaining your holiday home just got easier, thanks to VQuarter

Let’s face it – owning a holiday home far away from the city rush and the stresses and strains of real life is a treat that cannot be compared to a weekend in a hotel. A holiday home can make it all worthwhile, giving you something to look forward to after a hard week at work. If you’re already lucky enough to be an owner of a holiday house, villa or apartment, this isn’t new news.

On the other hand, owning a holiday home does comes with certain challenges. According to owners, the biggest challenge they face tends to be the maintenance and care of the property whilst they aren’t there. Think about it, even when you are there, it probably takes a day to two to make sure the grass is cut, the pool is cleaned and the walls are painted (if they need it). So it comes as no surprise that this particular challenge puts prospective buyers off buying their first holiday home.

At VQuarter, we have the perfect solution for this problem. In fact, we pride ourselves on being the bridge to ensure better maintenance and control of your holiday home. We deliver complete solutions to manage holiday houses, villas or apartments of all sizes from anywhere in the world.


Thanks to technology, our lives just got so much easier. VQuarter helps you to take advantage of this very well connected 21st century we are living in, by allowing you manage your holiday home when you are not there. Whether it’s through your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can now complete any tasks that need to be dealt with at the touch of a button, sparing yourself from the hassle on those extremely valuable days off.

VQuarter is the best maintenance friend you never had, able to do basically any job regarding your holiday home improvement. In other words, it is a fully transparent platform that allows property owners to just ‘tick’ the services they need doing – which will then be completed by professional companies that have been handpicked by our team to conduct the tasks.

From cleaning to lawn cutting and electricity checks, VQuarter lets you manage the services you need doing and even has the ability to let you see the results. The application’s interface is user-friendly and adaptive to screens of all sizes. Categorized in a few sections, the services you need can be seen as ‘in progress’ or ‘completed’ tasks, along with full reports and even pictures of the tasks that have been completed in your property.

When it comes to budgets, we all know that maintaining a holiday home may be a tough pill to swallow when hiring professional companies to do the work. So we keep our pricing transparent and all the services listed totally affordable – with no hidden costs for the VQuarter app. Therefore, VQuarter allows you to set your own budget and hire the services within it.

The Bills section is tailored to meet your most specific needs and lets you manage and control all your bills in one place.

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