Improve guest service and property maintenance.

Guest service application

Boost your revenues by offering more than just a place to stay with our unique guest experience
product - VQ Butler application

Property information

Be at the forefront of customer experience with VQuarters guest application. Your guests will receive access to your guest application, filled with your welcome book, travel guides and favourite spots. Provide all necessary property information such as manuals and contact numbers. 

Concierge services

Provide your tailor made services via your own virtual concierge app, to delight your guests at every stage of their trip. Easily add extra guest services & activities via the guest application to enhance their stay. Boost your revenues, get great reviews and win your guests’ loyalty.

Branded in your name

Yes that´s right! This is a white label application branded for your business.

Your app, your content and your logo
Send custom announcements to your guests, such as special offers or welcome messages.
Instant customer feedback, with the VQ Butler application
Direct payments on sold services through the VQ Butler application

Property maintenance

Save time and gain more control over your maintenance. Avoid misunderstandings with your workers and be sure everything is ready for the new arrivals.

Mobile application for your workers

Avoid misunderstandings with VQuarters crew application where you manage all communication with your workers. Assign tasks, send directions and property information. Monitor the progress of work and comment directly on a task to clarify exactly what needs to be done. When the job is completed, you receive a picture confirmation to make sure everything is as you would like it to be.

Optimize your workflow and save time

Controlling your maintenance jobs has never been easier. With VQuarter you have all tasks in one place. Create chat rooms around each job with notifications, worklists and workers.

Schedule and dispatch maintenance tasks for you properties 
Follow progress and communicate with your workers from your VQuarter back office
Get instant updates when a task is waiting for approval
Reports for each property, task and worker.

All from our mighty Back office

All in one place

Manage tasks, workers, guests and properties from your back office. Create maintenance tasks, follow progress and communicate more efficiently. Send out custom push notifications with promotions and recommendations.

Automated invitation to VQ Butler

Each time a booking is confirmed, the guest is automatically invited to use your VQ Butler application. Where they can access property information and order extra services.

Powerful API

Our powerful API allows you to create units, import guests, add crew and service pricing, set taxes and fees, generate maintenance work orders. The data is yours. Don’t let your comfort level stop you from acquiring and maintaining properties, improving your guest experience and ultimately generating more revenue.

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